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Our goal is to help you receive appropriate and timely access to high cost medications that require <b>Prior Authorization</b> by your benefit plan. Ensuring responsible use of plan resources will help its sustainability in supporting your health long term.

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Clinical Experts

Your submission is reviewed by a licensed clinical pharmacist from beginning to end

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Our pharmacists communicate directly with your doctor to ensure you receive the most appropriate and safe treatment for your condition

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Once a complete submission is received, patients receive a decision in less than a week 99% of the time

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Rest assured, every clinical decision made by our pharmacists is unbiased, clinically-driven and evidence-based

The Process

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Step 1

Find your Prior Authorization Form

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Step 2

Complete the form with your doctor

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Step 3

Submit your form to FACET by e-mail or fax for review

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Step 4

Our clinical experts will reach a decision on your claim and notify you and your doctor

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Canadians covered under FACET

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of reviews completed in under a week

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submissions reviewed

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